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All drivers are magnetically shielded in deference to the GP Home’s secondary role as the lead speaker in the Sonus Faber sonusfaber domus speaker driver Home home theatre system, which also includes the Solo (a center speaker with a vertically in line driver array), the Wall (a two way direct radiating surround effects speaker) and the Gravis (an active subwoofer). Beside domus the Voice of Sonus faber shape covered in leather, the unmistakable Sonus faber style is further achieved with the integration of a Premium Kit as an additional fitting for the PL-664 and PW-662. 75" ring radiator tweeter 3.

Big and heavy yet very slim, lute like shape will not only sound great but they will be an object of envy to anyone seeing them. Unlike my reference speakers with a ribbon tweeter and midrange, the traditional cone shape of the Olympicas offers a slightly more tangible presence. 5” è stato scelto in funzione chosen according to the most natural sound, del suono più.

Sonus Faber speakers are high-end devices, but they usually connect with the same sort of speaker wire that you use with any speaker. They sound amazing and they look like piece of art. Beautifully finished pieces:Speakers are in beautiful condition Original Boxes IncludedSpecifi.

SONUS FABER CONCERTINO DOMUS SPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS:* System Design: 2-way loudspeaker, front reflex port* Cabinet: Lute-shaped design and construction with de-coupled side panels for resonance control* Drivers:. Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus for sale. The sonusfaber domus speaker driver Sonus faber DOMUS Surround Sound System Michael Fremer sonusfaber domus speaker driver | A decade ago Sonus faber sonusfaber domus speaker driver introduced the Concert line, a series of loudspeakers designed to deliver sonusfaber domus speaker driver Sonus faber performance and industrial design at a more affordable sonusfaber price point. Condition is lightly used and excellent. Since their founding in 1983, the Italian-based brand has grown into one of the most popular loudspeaker organizations, delivering intricate, sonusfaber handmade. Sonus faber has derived the Domus Series&39; ring-radiator-type tweeter from the sonusfaber domus speaker driver one used in the Cremona speakers.

paper-coated cone. • The speakers are manufactured sonusfaber domus speaker driver in Italy and made with Danish drivers custom built for Sonus faber • The supple leatherette covering is a distinctive design feature Value: 90 • This kind of old-world craftsmanship doesn&39;t come cheap. 75” in ring radiator, magnetically shielded, custom sonusfaber domus speaker driver designed, ultra. I have red some reviews and according to them these speakers should sound awsome for their price (they were sold at 1300€ pair when new). Sonus Faber offers a stone isolation base as a 0 option; I used it in my setup. Sonus Faber Concerto Domus floorstanding speaker, For sale my Sonus Faber Concerto Domus a truly sonusfaber fabulous pair of sonus faber floor standing speakers model grand piano domus. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50 Hz - 20.

From Sonus Faber: domus "Drawing design inspiration from the legendary sonusfaber domus speaker driver Cremona, the full-range 3-way, floor standing Grand Piano Domus delivers extraordinary performance at a substantially reduced cost. The first subwoofer project, the Gravis FB100, was launched sonusfaber domus speaker driver back in 1986, ten years later was born Sonus faber Cremona M. As with the ribbons, sound remains natural, but Sonus faber drivers add a degree of palpability and sonusfaber up-close sense of the musical performance.

The solid wood is a living material that continuously changes over time. or Best Offer +0. There are a few minor scratches but you have to be looking for them to notice. SONUS FABER GRAND PIANO DOMUS SPEAKERS; FRONT LEFT, FRONT RIGHT, CENTER.

Sound very good but I have to put them against the wall because they are already almost 2 feet deep with the sound anchors and they need even more space to sound better. Like all Sonus Faber speakers, the Scandinavian-sourced drivers are manufactured sonusfaber to Serblin’s specs and further tricked out at the factory. Sonus Faber DOMUS Concerto Floor Standing Speakers: System Type: sonusfaber domus speaker driver 2-way floor standing loudspeaker, front reflex port; Cabinet: Lute-shaped design and construction with de-coupled side panels for resonance control; Tweeter: 1 in. The Concerto Domus, a two-way, bass-reflex design, is the smaller of two floorstanders that the Domus series offers.

Domus is the entry level Sonus Faber range and the Grand Piano is the top model from the line-up. Sonus Faber DOMUS Center Channel Speaker: Center DOMUS Ported four-driver, three-way, magnetically shielded Drivers:. From what I&39;ve read sonusfaber domus speaker driver these are very good speakers. Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano, Klipsch Heresy, Epicure 20+, T/E 280, Polk 4,4. Sonus Faber Concerto Domus Domus Loudspeakers /pair. Sonos Faber DOMUS speakers are finished is piano high-gloss cabinets with leather on top and on front. I&39;m new to this site and I&39;m after a bit of sonusfaber domus speaker driver advice on the best place to sonusfaber domus speaker driver sell a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto Domus speakers. for the the Sonus faber.

Even if you&39;re using your surround sound system for movies only, if you can afford it the DOMUS system is worth checking out. Watch; Sonus Faber Liuto. Please see the pictures of these sonusfaber domus speaker driver wonderful speakers. 25" coated paper cone midrange, two 6" coated paper cone woofers. It also seems that these speakers are relatively power hungry. Or you can contact the manufacturer directly. Depending on the model, your drivers will probably come from one of the Danish companies, but they were sonusfaber domus speaker driver usually modified for SF so you&39;d be better sourcing from them if possible.

Gravis DOMUS powered subwoofer Drivers: 12" hard paper cone, 10. ring radiator, magnetically shielded, custom designed ultra-dynamic linearity driver. . sonusfaber domus speaker driver I think it was the voice coil which I believe can&39;t be rewound.

Beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish on wood and real leather on front/back/top/bottom. There are fine lines as with all piano black. Includes the speaker spikes, manual, and sonusfaber domus speaker driver the original boxes. The loudspeaker born from the heart of Sonus faber: the fusion between tradition and innovation, elegance and technological performance. Domus is Sonus faber’s latest collection of loudspeakers, which have been purposefully designed to fit any media habitat—a quality that should resonate with both music and home theater aficionados. No nicks, dents, deep scratches, paint fading sonusfaber domus speaker driver of any kind. The Sonus faber DOMUS Surround Sound System Michael Fremer, August, A decade ago Sonus faber introduced the Concert line, a series of loudspeakers designed to deliver Sonus faber performance and industrial design at a more affordable sonusfaber domus speaker driver price point.

000 Hz, tuning port included. These speakers are in wonderful condition both functionally and cosmetically. It combines gorgeous styling with suave, yet muscular sonics. I am intrested in buying pair of Sonus Faber Concertino Domus speakers used. When Sumiko&39;s Stirling sonusfaber domus speaker driver Trayle finished the installation, the speakers ended up approximately 4-5" closer to the sonusfaber domus speaker driver back wall than my reference Audio Physic Virgos, and toed-in so the tweeters were firing almost sonusfaber directly at me.

Discover all our craftmanship sound system collections: high quality sonusfaber domus speaker driver loudspeakers made with passion in Italy. The woofers and midrange drivers also benefit from trickle-down technology—the vented phase plug (that&39;s the silver bullet-shaped part in sonusfaber domus speaker driver the center) was originally designed for the Stradivari speaker. I have recently joined the Sonus Faber experience and have had Liuto monitors for 2 months now on the end of a naim supernait integrated with naim cd player plus ipod with fantastic results and sonusfaber domus speaker driver I love the sound of these speakers. The Sonus faber DOMUS system represents a substantial investment at sonusfaber around ,000 as reviewed. Due to this, the Maxima Amator’s large cabinet had to be meticulously studied and fine-tuned to avoid the risk of deformation or breakage as the wood ages. They are piano black. custom designed ultra dynamic linearity driver . 5" domus (HxWxD) Weight: 56.

With Level 6 of the Palladio collection, we reach for higher structural standards, particularly regarding the choice of materials. Sonus faber is a Latin phrase that translates sonusfaber domus speaker driver to “handcrafted sound,” which is an accurate title domus for the company. Meucci,Arcugnano. The replacement is extortionate, over £1K for one!

. I always combine postage where possible. From Sound & Vision: The DOMUS Grand PianosThe big, three-way DOMUS Grand Pianos do cost more than the Concert series Grand Pianos the. Sonus faber is one of the highest quality audio brands on the market. More Sonus Faber Domus Speaker Driver images. Buying the Sonus Faber Domus Grand Pianos, plus sub, centre and rears was one of them for me. Not being an AudioPhile, sonusfaber like your other reviewers, I can&39;t possibly comment on the finer aspects of the sound reproduction, but to me it is delightful, warm and thrilling.

3 lbs Price: 95 Manufacturer/Importer domus Sonus faber/Sumikowww. Great hi-end speakers by Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus line. I would also like advice on what they would be worth.

Sonus Faber domus for sale. The loudspeaker born from the heart of Sonus faber: the fusion between tradition and innovation, elegance and technological sonusfaber domus speaker driver performance. Grand Piano DOMUS Ported three-driver, three-way, floor-standing, magnetically domus shielded LR Drivers 1 ring radiator tweeter, 6 coated paper cone midrange, 2 x 7 coated sonusfaber domus speaker driver paper woofer. Greetings, I am very interested to read your experience so thanks for sharing it, so comprehensively described. 25" passive radiator Amplifier output: 200W RMS MOSFET Dimensions: 14. I&39;ve contacted Sonus Faber sonusfaber domus speaker driver a couple of times and they&39;ve been really helpful. They are in pretty good condition however one of the front covers is a bit faded from sun.

Some Sonus Faber speakers may be able to connect to your audio sonusfaber domus speaker driver system with wireless functions, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and others sonusfaber domus speaker driver may connect with high-fidelity optical audio cords. Today, with the new Gravis Collection, Sonus faber returns to its roots, merging a ever increasing cutting-edge technology while maintaining its identity of natural sound and quality Italian hand-craftsmanship. It is a four-driver, sonusfaber domus speaker driver three-way, floorstanding column. A few months ago the mid/bass driver one of my SF Electas speakers conked out. sonus faber speakers This is in a used with condition and may bear a sonusfaber domus speaker driver few marks. Tweeter: 0. SOUND LEVEL DISPLAYS. Page 7 It is the key element among the drivers designed sviluppati per ‘the Sonus faber’.

In a clever bit of domus engineering, Sonus sonusfaber Faber has ensured smooth driver integration by physically scalloping the tweeter’s mounting plate where it abuts the mid/bass driver’s frame. (Google: Sonus Faber) The size of the woofer, 150mm is approximately 6 inches, BTW. 10 sonusfaber domus speaker driver Subwoofer 12" Driver/Radiator, Sonus Faber Design. The tweeter is Sonus Faber&39;s customised 25mm.

To preserve their sonusfaber domus speaker driver value I&39;d contact a dealer who can either repair the cone (assuming that&39;s the part that split) or order a replacement from Sonus Faber. 5” cone has been Il cono da 6. Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus loudspeakers in Teak finish.